Complete CCTV Solution

In CCTV System, AR. CONSULTANTS represent world’s best brand AVENTURA,INTEX TIANDY as a Dealer. Based on 30 years of experience in optical and imaging technologies, Aventura usa has developed and released a wide range of advanced surveillance equipment. Aventura is committed to acquiring the world’s best technology and expanding its product portfolio. Aventura not only has highly reliable manufacturing technologies and facilities but also has strict post-sales management and Support System. AR. CONSULTANTS has over 5,00 Installation of Aventura CCTV system in Pakistan almost the 20% of branded equipment sales.

IP Base CCTV System

AR. CONSULTANTS also represent world’s best Mega Pixel IP manufacturing company “Aventura” which manufactures HDTV surveillance IP cameras and software. Leveraging its proprietary Mega Video® technology, the company offers the world’s fastest multi¬mega pixel (5MP, 3MP, 2MP and 1.3MP) network cameras supporting full-motion video frame rates. Aventura s line of H.264 high definition cameras provides security professionals with the flexibility of various frame rates and resolutions for a variety of applications. Aventura systems deliver unparalleled clarity at an unbeatable price providing vastly superior alternative to analog CCTV. AR. CONSULTANTS has number of Mega Pixel IP Cameras installation throughout the country including the Road Surveillance Projects.



Stand Alone and IP Base Access Control Systems

In Access Control System, AR. CONSULTANTS represent one of the best Product manufacturing company “KEICO Hightech”. Since its creation in 1989, KEICO Hightech Inc. has been boosting and widely distributing the significance of security system and access control system as a pioneer of business, conveying the importance of entrance/gateway control system when such concept began to emerge. Also, by breathing life into security gates, automatic doors, revolving doors and other entrance/gateway control system businesses, KEICO has obtained a superb position in the high-end entrance/gateway control system.

By providing the security system in governmental security institutions, research centers, financial institutes and other major facilities, AR. CONSULTANTS has newly set the technological standard for the security system business and has became the prime leader in the industry. We have Hundreds of satisfactory installation of Access Control Installation in Pakistan Including:


Walk Through Gates, Metal Detectors and Mine Detectors

In Walk Through Gates and Metal Detectors, AR. CONSULTANTS represent USA Based World’s Best Brand in Metal Detection Technology “GARRETT”. The Garrett name has come to stand for more than metal detection; it is a philosophy for unparalleled customer satisfaction. While it is true that we believed then, as we do now, that our metal detectors could lead the industry in capabilities and results, we recognized early on that commitment and loyalty to our customers would be our true source of success. Thousands of “GARRETT” Walk Through Gates and Metal Detectors are installed throughout the country including the followings:


Car / Under vehicle Inspection System

In Under Vehicle Inspection System, we represent USA based world’s No. 1 Company in manufacturing the UVIS System “Vehicle Inspection Technologies”. VIT’s initial product offering, Und-Aware™ has been in research and development for many years. Und-Aware™ was first released in the first quarter of 2001. Market data gathered and subsequent valuable inputs from customers lead to the development and manufacture of the Und-Aware™ AG-300 system in late 2002. In early 2004, VIT came up with a modular integrated system of latest technologies in imaging and lighting hardware to make a top -of-the-line Inspection System in the world. Added to this great technology is a user-friendly software design that offers a front-end hitherto unknown in the field of Vehicle Inspection and Surveillance Systems. The Und-Aware™-500 series is now being marketed around the world and has been successfully sold to satisfied customers around the globe. we already have installed the UVIS System at numerous location nationwide including:

Automatic Road Blocker & Road Barrier

In Automatic Road Blocker, we represent Belgium based World’s No.1 Company in Road Blocker and Barrier “Automatic Systems”. The Automatic Systems has 40 years of experience and leadership in the entrance control industry, and sets the standard in this critical market. Given the thousands of high profile installations throughout the world, you almost certainly have come across many of Automatic System equipment installations throughout the world: the Sears Tower in Chicago, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Disney World in Florida, the BART in San Francisco, Penn Station in New York, the Palm Springs Airport, Star Ferries in Hong Kong, and hundreds of other high traffic venues that are all protected by Automatic Systems entrance control systems. Hundreds of Road Blocker and Road Barrier machines have been installed throughout the country including the followings:

Road Bollards

In Automatic Road Bollards, we represent World’s No.1 Italian base Bollard manufacturing company “Pilomat”. PILOMAT products are at the moment the most popular and tested bollards operating in restricted traffic areas and driveways of private and public streets. Pilomat is highly Reliable in extreme conditions: tested to work with ice, saltiness, sand etc.. Pilomat has given excellent results on resistance tests with strong impacts, not vulnerable to any acts of vandalism. There are hundreds of installations of Road Bollards throughout the world.

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